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Syllabus & resources listed below



Tenth – 9th Kup
White Belt to Yellow Tag (.PDF)

9th – 8th Kup
Yellow Tag to Yellow Belt (.PDF)

8th – 7th Kup
Yellow Belt to Green Tag (.PDF)

7th – 6th Kup
Green Tag to Green Belt (.PDF)

6th – 5th Kup
Green Belt to Blue Tag (.PDF)

5th – 4th Kup
Blue Tag to Blue Belt (.PDF)

4th – 3rd Kup
Blue Belt to Red Tag (.PDF)

3rd – 2nd Kup
Red Tag to Red Belt (.PDF)

2nd – 1st Kup
Red Belt to Black Tag (.PDF)

1. Basic Patterns
Basic Patterns (.PDF)



UTA NI Kup Grading Form
Grading Form for Kup Graders (.DOC)


Video Resources

Poomsae / Patterns


Set Sparring - 3 Step


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