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Etiquette, Modesty, Perseverance, Self-control, Indomitable spirit
At Cheol Taekwondo Academy, we create & develop champions
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Taekwondo is an art form and will educate you physically, mentally and spiritually. Gradings will test your knowledge as well as physical ability. Although technique is important, we do regard effort and heart. When you show you're doing the best you can, it is recognised. Keep challenging yourself as you climb the ranks!
Also called sparring, Kyorugi will test your technique, power, speed, agility, guts and ability to think on your feet and think ahead! Don't be overwhelmed - we'll teach you how. At Cheol, you can progress & develop through our training sessions & who knows...you could compete on International level!
Learn the foundations of taekwondo through these series of movements for offense and defense techniques. You will learn & develop focus, accuracy, power, strength, flexibility & finesse. Each poomsae has meaning & purpose. There is a unique poomsae for each grade you do. Are you up for the challenge?