Train hard & enjoy!

Climb the ranks to black belt, compete at competition level and much more!

Club Training

Peewee Club - The Tigers

Saturdays: 11am - 12.00pm at Rosetta

For ages 6-12 yrs...and their mums & dads too! The Peewee Club - The Tigers - provides a safe, fun place to make new friends, get fit, learn self-defence and lots of new skills - to learn Taekwondo! Our club has been running for 10 years. Some of those who have been with us from the first day are now adults training for their third dan black belts! The classes are also about personal development. We aim to help build fitness, self-confidence, self-respect and respect for others as well as learning the exciting Korean martial art that is Taekwondo.

Juniors (12+ yrs) & Adults Club

Tuesdays/Wednesdays: 7.30pm - 9pm & Saturdays: 12.00pm - 1.30pm at Rosetta

What Taekwondo involves...


In self-discipline, motivation, effort, balance, flexibility, strength - both physically and mentally, fitness and confidence. Taekwondo is for everyone!

Self Defence

It isn't about fighting, or beating an opponent to a pulp. Self-defence is minimising injury to yourself and avoiding conflict. The techniques you learn can be applied to keep you safe on the street. Even the confidence that you will gain will help protect you against random attack. Your reactions will quicken over time both in thought and physically as you apply a technique to protect yourself, defend another or restrain an attacker.

Poomsae & Kyorugi

Patterns (Korean: Poomsae) & sparring are part of class training, gradings and are also for competition. Poomsae is a series of movements which combines blocks and strikes with the arms and legs and requires focus, balance and effort. They can be performed as an individual or in multiples. We have competitions on local, national and international levels! Sparring (Korean: Kyorugi) requires fitness, strength, confidence, determination. You can learn and develop all of these in class! It's a fast sport and training does require a lot of dedication to develop your speed in both physical and mental reaction. It's tough...but we can teach you! Find out more in the Education section.

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