More than an Olympic sport

Taekwondo offers a way for you to personally develop - from fitness to confidence with a whole spectrum between...Taekwondo is a true martial art.

About Cheol Taekwondo

Training with Cheol Taekwondo Academy will develop the whole person, be they child or adult. You will learn respect and responsibility and at the same time will learn to expect to be respected by others. Members of the club feel a strong camaraderie and sense of belonging that makes training a pleasure, no matter how hard they are pushed. As well as an effective form of self-defence and an Olympic combat sport Taekwondo has a history as a martial art that dates back over 2000 years. Though it continues to evolve we respect and pass on the traditional art at the heart of WTF (World Taekwondo Federation, of which we are a part of) Taekwondo. At Cheol, we teach WTF Taekwondo which is the exciting Olympic combat sport as seen at London 2012. Safety is a first priority and care is taken to make sure that there are no serious injuries. As this is a combat sport, bumps and bruises can happen! The sport element encourages you test yourself in class against your classmates or in competition against new opponents. If you are interested in competition sparring, you will have the chance to compete! We travel within N.I.,  to the UK mainland and further afield for competitions as well as special training days or weekends, which also have a great social element too! If sparring is not for you, we do have another competitive opportunity for you which is non-contact. This is poomsae. Poomsae or patterns are set combinatons of attack and defence movements that allow us to practise all that we are learning. Strength, balance, control, focus, precision are all part of Poomsae. It's a challenging part of taekwondo and Poomsae competitions are now very popular with all ages, especially those who prefer not to spar. We are proud to say that Cheol Taekwondo founded the Northern Ireland Poomsae Championships (now an International competition), which is now in the top three competitions in the UK and Ireland.

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